MERZ Switchgear

MERZ Switchgear now offers a wide range of high-quality products on switching devices. The products have been known for their reliability for decades, even in the most difficult applications and environmental conditions.


MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx

MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx - specially developed for the installation of MERZ Compact Switches ML0 and ML1


  • Extremely UV and weather resistant, for outdoor use
  • Protection class IP66 / Impact resistance level IK06
  • Knockouts (4xD25 + 2xD16 und 4xD32/20 + 2xD16)
  • Cover mounting twist-proof with captive screws
  • Secure positioning installation
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and very robust enclosure

MERZ - String Box

MERZ Stringbox for Photovoltaic Systems


  • 4 incoming / outgoing strings each / 2 MPPT`s
  • Maximum Voltage 1005 Vdc
  • Input/Output: Max Current/String 16A(32A per MPPT)
  • acc. IEC 60947
  • Protection degree and impact resistance IP 65; IK08

MERZ - Your System Supplier

Cable harnesses, Pre-wiring - Plugs and Connectors - Cable glands - Enclosure processing

Your advantages:

  • Productivity increase
  • Single interlocutor
  • Use of the supplier`s know-how
  • Reduction of suppliers
  • Flexible adaption of the products

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26.01.2022 (Wednesday)

Florida, Orlando USA


07.03.2022 (Monday)

World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

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13.03.2022 (Sunday)

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Who seeks success, needs direction.

MERZ Switchgear found it from the very beginning. Namely, in the direct alignment of every
corporate activity to exceed customer needs.

For many years this fundamental determination has
proven to be the perfect foundation for all pillars that carry the corporate philosophy

  • Every order is claim to individuality Tailored for your project
  • Requirements analysis - Ideas mature, concepts convince
  • Gear selection - Requirement profile, solution proposal scheduling
  • Pilot phase - Sampling, quality assessment
  • Conceptual design - Order placement, order processing - Lead the way to success

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