About MERZ Schaltgeräte GMBH + CO KG

MERZ Schaltgeräte GMBH + CO KG operates as a 100% subsidiary of the MERZ GMBH, member of the globally successful and expansive PCE Group. MERZ Schaltgeräte GMBH + CO KG draws on the 70-year switch know-how of MERZ GMBH.

Customers and customer satisfaction are paramount at MERZ Switchgear

The satisfaction of our customers and confidence in the quality of our products is the prerequisite for the success of MERZ Switchgear. The most important objective is to maintain this trust and to promote mutual cooperation with our partners. Our clients today include renowned companies and global market companions in the sectors of mechanical engineering, air conditioning, ventilation technology, underground mining, food machinery manufacturers, elevator companies as well as the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad.

Product range

MERZ Switchgear offers a diversified and high-quality product range of low-voltage switchgear. The product portfolio includes enclosed and open cam and compact switches for direct and alternating current applications.

Customer efficiency, lean organizational structures and innovative spirit

Who seeks success, needs direction. MERZ Switchgear found it from the very beginning.Namely, in the direct alignment of every corporate activity to exceed customer needs at the customer. For many years this fundamental determination has proven to be the perfect foundation for all pillars that carry our corporate philosophy:

  • Systematic care and promotion of exchange of ideas with our customers.
  • Integration of our customers as partners in a solid and successful team.
  • Optimal lean organizational structures that provide proximity to customers or users of our products and to our suppliers.
  • High level of quality and a constant willingness to innovate.

The consistent alignment of our actions by this guiding principle is the basis for professional and individual solutions and as it were, a reliable promise for the future.