Foundation of the Gustav MERZ switchgear and equipment factory in Gaildorf


Besides the manufacture of switchgear, the series production of distributors for construction sites and testing technology begins


Following the death of the founder Gustav Merz, the corporate management is taken over by his daughter Ursula Schöller


Takeover by Schupa GmbH + Co. KG, later GEWISS Germany GmbH


Takeover by PC Electric. PC Electric becomes the owner of MERZ GmbH


Foundation of Merz Schaltgeräte GMBH + CO KG under the umbrella of MERZ GmbH


Merz Schaltgeräte GMBH + CO KG is a globally operating manufacturer of electromechanical switchgear. As a 100% subsidiary of MERZ GMBH under the umbrella of the very successful and expansive PCE Group, customer benefits and product quality are paramount. The compact and cam switches are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Products are developed on modern 3D-CAD systems, thereby allowing a rapid and secure implementation of the market and customer requirements in tools and finished products.