Customer efficiency, lean organizational structures and innovative spirit

Who seeks success, needs direction. MERZ Switchgear found it from the very beginning. Namely, in the direct alignment of every corporate activity to exceed customer needs. For many years this fundamental determination has proven to be the perfect foundation for all pillars that carry the corporate philosophy:
  • Systematic care and promotion of exchange of ideas with our customers.
  • Integration of our customers as partners in a solid and successful team
  • Optimal lean organizational structures that provide proximity to customers or users of our products and to our suppliers.
  • High level of quality and a constant willingness to innovate.

Research that keeps developing

Who wants to move with the times, must always be one step ahead

For this reason, MERZ Switchgear invests every year in research and development. The  focus is amongst others on the increase in efficiency and the reduction of investment and operating costs. The result is not only highly innovative products but also first-class quality. Quality which can be demonstrated in an exemplary way on a few facts:

  • Production according to internationally proven standards.
  • Own testing laboratory.
  • Process-oriented, integrated quality management system.
  • Testing of products according to international standards.
  • Development with the aid of advanced CAD and 3D designs.
  • Product design, tool making, injection moulding and assembly from a single source.
  • ISO 9001 certificate.

Production that does all the work

Flexible manufacturing processes allow for a rapid response to individual customer requirements.

Who promises first-class products for different areas of applications in the electrical installation, needs the best conditions for this. It is therefore all the more important that MERZ Switchgear has the latest injection moulding and metal working facilities. However, perfect production goes far beyond first-class machinery. It depends, for example on a forward-looking and innovative product policy or flexible manufacturing processes that enable a rapid response to customer requirements and many more things:

  • High level of automation.
  • Many years of experience and high competence.
  • Short delivery times and absolute adherence to schedules.
  • Customised product configurations.
  • Low manufacturing costs, which we pass on to our customers.