Repair and Maintenance Switches

MERZ Repair and Maintenance enclosed Switches are designed to be used as main or emergency stop switches suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Repair and Maintenance Switches are used to safely shut down machines and facilities that are not directly connected to a control unit or may bare the risk, that the machine or facility starts operating during maintenance or repair activities. The handle of such switches must be lockable by interlocks in order to prevent workers from hazardous situations and must meet
the same requirements as main switches according to EN 60204.

Specifications at a glance:
  • Special enclosure for Cam and Compact Switches
  • Enclosure with metric knockouts
  • Comfortable wiring
  • Low enclosure shape
  • Switch insert plugged
  • IP-Rating IP65
  • Safety switch with securing clip
  • DIN VDE 0106 Part 100 and VBG 4 --> finger safe
  • In red/yellow and black/grey available as Main Switches
  • Optional with EMC accessories
  • Optional with pressure equalization element
  • Optional in UV and weather-resistant design for outdoor use

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