MERZ - EMC Solution

EMC compliant installation with MERZ Repair and Maintenance Switches - Frequency inverters are becoming more and more standard for many applications. For example for pumps, ventilators, lifts, cranes, fairground rides or machine tools. These are only sorts of many possible applications An EMC-compliant installation is therefore mandatory. The shielding of the cables requires a large sca connection to reach a permanent radiation characteristic below the given thresholds. For the Series:

  • Isolating enclosures I1 to I3
  • Isolating enclosures 8900N to 8980N
  • Isolating enclosures 8100 to 8121

MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx

MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx - specially developed for the installation of MERZ Compact Switches ML0 and ML1


  • Extremely UV and weather resistant, for outdoor use
  • Protection class IP66 / Impact resistance level IK06
  • Knockouts (4xD25 + 2xD16 und 4xD32/20 + 2xD16)
  • Cover mounting twist-proof with captive screws
  • Secure positioning installation
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and very robust enclosure

MERZ - String Box

MERZ Stringbox for Photovoltaic Systems


  • 4 incoming / outgoing strings each / 2 MPPT`s
  • Maximum Voltage 1005 Vdc
  • Input/Output: Max Current/String 16A(32A per MPPT)
  • acc. IEC 60947
  • Protection degree and impact resistance IP 65; IK08

MERZ - Your System Supplier

Cable harnesses, Pre-wiring - Plugs and Connectors - Cable glands - Enclosure processing

Your advantages:

  • Productivity increase
  • Single interlocutor
  • Use of the supplier`s know-how
  • Reduction of suppliers
  • Flexible adaption of the products

Logistics - Intra - Airport - Warehouse - External

  • Certifications (IEC - CCC - UL)
  • Worldwide availability
  • Customized solutions on request
  • Ratings 16 to 630A / to 690V
  • Optional Aluminium lock ring for harsh environments
  • Very fast shut off time, Compact Design, Maintenance-free
  • UV and weather-resistant design for outdoor use
  • Complete types - UL50E / NEMA type4X
  • Degree of protection up to IP69K

Automated Guided Vehicle
Battery powered vehicles

Industry 4.0 (smart factory)

  • Charging station solutions (inductive / stationary)
  • Certifications (IEC - CCC - UL)
  • Worldwide availability
  • Various installation solutions
  • Ratings up to 160A / 1500 V
  • High quality contacts - for a long lifespan
  • Very fast shut off time, Compact Design
  • Maintenance-free

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers in Enclosures

Our MS Motor Protective Circuit Breakers (MPCBs) offer optimal protection for motors and other loads up to 32 A, due to its high breaking capacity with strongly limited current. The new products of our MS series are IE3 compliant and therefore perfectly suitable for the safe operation of IE3 motors.

  • They are equipped with main switch and disconnecting functions
  • Rated operational current from 0.1 up to 32 A
  • IEC 60947-4-1, DIN EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660-102; UL 508
  • The MPCBs are self protected up to 6.3 A at 400 V

Protection Class Test

For Front installation with 22,5 mm central mounting
MERZ Cam Switches and Compact Switches

  • Protection against water ingress during high pressure / steam jet cleaning
  • Protection against any ingress of dust (absolutely dustproof)

The IP69K is currently the highest protection class for dust and water ingress protection
IEC 60529 and ISO 20653

UL50E - NEMA Type 4X /
IP 66 Disconnect Switches

Repair and Maintenance Switches
as Main Switch or Emergency-Off Switch!

  • Available in plastic enclosure or aluminium enclosure
  • Switches + Enclosure UL-listed
  • Complete types – Series Disconnect Switches ML 1-3 in Enclosure,
  • IP 66 / NEMA Type 4X
  • UL50E