MERZ Series MSB DC-Combiner Boxes

The NEW MERZ Series MSB DC-Combiner Boxes


  • DC combiner box for photovoltaic applications
  • Standard versions 5 to 24 strings, optionally with monitoring.
  • The maintenance-free 400A DC switch-disconnector
  • Easy to install, all cable entries are aligned
  • Surge protection devices SPD Type 2, or type 1/2
  • UV and weather resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Stäubli MC4 Evo2 or Phoenix Sunclix PV-connectors available.
  • Project-specific solutions available on request at any time.

MERZ - ONLINE-Product Search

The new MERZ Switchgear -
ONLINE Product Search


  • Input of a MZ number (MZxxxx)
  • Product images and 3D model
  • Technical data table
  • Product schematic
  • Downloads of photo/dimension/CAD data/schematic/performance data
  • Download (Zip) all media for the product


The MERZ - Mains-Generator-Changeover-Switch in alu enclosure with CEE attachment plug


  • 1 (Mains) - 0 - 2 (Generator) / 4-pole / 4 Contact
  • Cover coupling with cable entries top / bottom
  • Attachment plug angled acc. to DIN VDE 0100-551 4.2.2
  • Protective conductor position 1 h encoded
  • Cable entries top / bottom 2 pieces each
  • Cast aluminium enclosure ALSi9CU

MERZ - Compact Switches

Contact MERZ Compact Switches directly to the printed circuit board.



  • Saving of complex and cost-intensive wiring
  • Valuable installation space can be reduced
  • Reproducible EMC conditions
  • Climatically stable connections

MERZ - Repair and Maintenance Switches

This complete solution can be used in the most extreme environmental conditions.
IP66 withstands strong splash water and can be used under water for a defined time.


  • Outdoor Type Rating 4X - Indoor Type Rating 12
  • Impact resistance: IK 08
  • ETIM Class: EC000261
  • Degree of protection: IP66,EV006423
  • Flammability class: f1 approved UL 746C 5 inch flame test

MERZ - Cam Switches

The flexible MERZ cam switch as step switches for air conditioning and residential ventilation systems


  • Available in 2 variants for: flush-mounted installation 9110 and surface-mounted 9111
  • Standard and customer-specific switching programs
  • MERZ cam switch series MN105
  • Cover frame and plate PEHA Badora pure white (PW)
  • Innovation in series and customer-specific individuality

MERZ - EMC Solution

EMC compliant installation with MERZ Repair and Maintenance Switches - Frequency inverters are becoming more and more standard for many applications. For example for pumps, ventilators, lifts, cranes, fairground rides or machine tools. These are only sorts of many possible applications An EMC-compliant installation is therefore mandatory. The shielding of the cables requires a large sca connection to reach a permanent radiation characteristic below the given thresholds. For the Series:

  • Isolating enclosures I1 to I3
  • Isolating enclosures 8900N to 8980N
  • Isolating enclosures 8100 to 8121

MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx

MERZ - Enclosure Series 81xx - specially developed for the installation of MERZ Compact Switches ML0 and ML1


  • Extremely UV and weather resistant, for outdoor use
  • Protection class IP66 / Impact resistance level IK06
  • Knockouts (4xD25 + 2xD16 und 4xD32/20 + 2xD16)
  • Cover mounting twist-proof with captive screws
  • Secure positioning installation
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and very robust enclosure

MERZ - Combiner Box

MERZ Combiner Box for Photovoltaic Systems


  • 4 incoming / outgoing strings each / 2 MPPT`s
  • Maximum Voltage 1005 Vdc
  • Input/Output: Max Current/String 16A(32A per MPPT)
  • acc. IEC 60947
  • Protection degree and impact resistance IP 65; IK08