Motor Protective Circuit Breakers in Enclosures

Our MS Motor Protective Circuit Breakers (MPCBs) offer optimal protection for motors and other loads up to 32 A, due to its high breaking capacity with strongly limited current. The new products of our MS series are IE3 compliant and therefore perfectly suitable for the safe operation of IE3 motors.

  • They are equipped with main switch and disconnecting functions
  • Rated operational current from 0.1 up to 32 A
  • IEC 60947-4-1, DIN EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660-102; UL 508
  • The MPCBs are self protected up to 6.3 A at 400 V

Protection Class Test

For Front installation with 22,5 mm central mounting
MERZ Cam Switches and Compact Switches

  • Protection against water ingress during high pressure / steam jet cleaning
  • Protection against any ingress of dust (absolutely dustproof)

The IP69K is currently the highest protection class for dust and water ingress protection
IEC 60529 and ISO 20653

UL50E - NEMA Type 4X /
IP 66 Disconnect Switches

Repair and Maintenance Switches
as Main Switch or Emergency-Off Switch!

  • Available in plastic enclosure or aluminium enclosure
  • Switches + Enclosure UL-listed
  • Complete types – Series Disconnect Switches ML 1-3 in Enclosure,
  • IP 66 / NEMA Type 4X
  • UL50E

Lock Handle -
Screwless Lock Handle

Lock Handle engage handle attachment by snapping it into place In guide groove –
NO screw necessary!

  • With lockout handle for 3 padlocks
  • For switching angle up to max. 90°
  • UV resistance UL 746 (f1)
  • UV resistance IEC 62208
  • Longevity DIN EN ISO 4892-2

Aluminium enclosure with Aluminium lock ring

Mechanically extremly robust
Ideally suited for harsh environments such as:
Conveyor technology and logistics in all areas:

  • Airport Logistics
  • Quarries, Mining, Tunneling
  • Warehouse & Shipping Logistics
  • Mechanical engineering, Sawmills, Processing plants
  • Forestry & Agriculture